Prescriptive security for banking institutions

The GDPR places equal liability on organizations that own the data and third-party data processors. Organizations are responsible to ensure that their third-party data processors are GDPR compliant. Broadens the definition of a data breach to include unauthorized access to private information.

Because of the growing usage of the common security framework in small and medium-sized businesses, emerging countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as India, China, and others, have demonstrated a strong demand for prescriptive security. The high cost of prescriptive security solutions is another challenge for the growth of the prescriptive security market. These solutions are expensive and require skilled security analysts to implement them.

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Prescriptive analytics tries to answer the question “How do we get to this point? ” It relies on artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning , to understand and advance from the data it acquires, adapting all the while. But asking good questions and getting to the source of the problem requires tapping into our education and training, unique experiences, and skill sets. A great cybersecurity professional will start along a path and have the ability to dynamically adapt questions to eliminate issues and get closer to troubleshooting the ultimate issue.

prescriptive security meaning

Atos’ Digital Vision for Cyber Security 2 brings you insights into the latest challenges and opportunities for business leaders and influencers – and the critical role of cyber security to underpin transformation and vital trust in our digital society. Until this time, most cybersecurity approaches were based on reactive or predictive measures. The first type, a reactive measure, focuses on reacting to a thread that has already occurred. You would think it’s not possible to make a connection to cybersecurity, right? But instead of prescribing medicine, you get a prescription of various measures needed to protect yourself from a cyber attack. The major factors driving the growth of the market are the rising security complexity in the emerging digital age is expected to boost the usage of such safety solutions.

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To complement this process build some fundamental documents that articulate the document the risk that your unique business has. These documents should include an information security policy, an annual cybersecurity awareness policy, a risk register, and a risk acceptable document. I’m all about process and systems, and continuous improvement, but most often times prescriptive security completely solve the issue it was intended to solve. Even with the help of ethical hackers, you can’t expect to respond to an attack.

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  • Such a demand requires the somewhat specialized discipline of real-time analytics.
  • This is commonly found in English classes as well as other language classes, where the aim is to teach people how to use language in a very particular (typically described as ‘proper’ or ‘correct’) way.
  • When it comes to troubleshooting complex security issues, diving deep, and analyzing anomalies – it’s really difficult to approach it prescriptively.
  • As a result of this fictionalization of genuine agencies and dangers, most Americans are unaware that our foreign intelligence services’ job differs significantly from that of law enforcement.
  • The goal of prescriptive security is to have a security strategy and plan that is based on a repeatable premeditated plan and system, rather than a security analysts intuition.
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These challenges have become more acute as banks have transitioned more of their operations onto digital platforms, presenting more opportunities for cyber-attackers. The task facing banks, as they manage this digital transition, is ensuring that the tools they deploy to detect and neutralize cyber-attacks keep up with the pace of technological change and innovation. A crucial way to achieve this is by using prescriptive security technology, which can scrutinize large amounts of data to identify key indicators that might suggest a cyber-attack is taking place.


The report analyses the global prescriptive security market based on deployment, application, end-user, and region. The global prescriptive security market is projected to benefit from the increased implementation of advanced technologies prescriptive security in banking such as the Internet of Things (IT), artificial intelligence, and the cloud. Without this link, actions to update security at the boundary may not happen quickly, if at all; as a result, more users could be affected.

Further, enterprise in the region are looking for data security measures and strategies. The companies providing workplace as a service solution are adopting effective business strategies such as investment in R&D, acquisition, joint venture, collaborations, mergers etc., to enhance their market presence. For instance, in June 2021, Skybox Security launched new vulnerability prioritization capabilities with prescriptive remediation analysis.

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We used to talk about the enterprise “single version of the truth” with an emphasis on consistency and standardization. He drives Microsoft’s SDL program for third party developers and oversees program management for developer security tools used with SDL. Each of these steps must be fully documented, with processes for logging into the various toolsets such as anti-virus management, network access control management, endpoint detection and response, in order to manually trigger actions.

prescriptive security meaning

The first stage involves assessing your processes and the tools you currently use to give you a clear picture of where you are today in comparison with where you need to be. In the past, security was about searching for a needle in a haystack, where the needle was an isolated intrusion. Numerous types of data-intensive businesses and government agencies can benefit from using prescriptive analytics, including those in the financial services and health care sectors, where the cost of human error is high. Based on region, North America is expected to support the market growth in terms of revenue.

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Documenting this process can act as a guidebook to your cybersecurity program, and it can provide a platform for replacement cybersecurity analysts and leaders to review and be brought up to speed on your capabilities and position. LEaders also know the business better than the cybersecurity professional and can get us information and solutions that we couldn’t achieve on our own. Many times, the unknowns we struggle with are a business question and they can solve it. Your business reports — operational, financial, managerial — reflect a classic form of descriptive analytics. If you have business intelligence tools in place, your analysts likely do some diagnostic analytics, even informally.

Thus, organizations have opted for security solutions for addressable cybersecurity concerns. The prescriptive security market is witnessing the significant growth due to rising cybercriminal activities and cyberattacks and the growing concern towards safety of financial institutions. Further, the rapid digitization across the globe help in accelerating the prescriptive security market. Prescriptive technology helps in identifying and reacting to threats before they occur. In addition, it is based on subjective and objective prioritized and indicators to address security vulnerabilities based on prevalence and severity.

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Asher Security is a local Minnesota cybersecurity advisory and consulting business with the goal of helping businesses lower their risk by increasing their cybersecurity maturity. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you please call us directly or fill out our contact form. The absolute best thing we can do as cybersecurity professionals is to provide additional confidence to our leaders is to be transparent about the unknown. This is hard to do and requires an ideal relationship between cybersecurity managers and executive leaders. Applying a prescriptive approach we can layout of the framework of qualifying questions that help us get to an approach (like the doctor example above). We’ll start with high-level general questions and work down to more specific pain points.

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